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Alesga Rural Hotel

Feeling comfortable in a place is very important. There is something different here. Something does not sound like a hotel, or at least something that makes it different. It's cozy, pretty, conveys the charm of nature and rural life; but that special feeling... That feeling has more to do with the music of the river, which passes so close, than with any of the many facilities available, which, of course, are also welcome.

The hotel

In the summer of 2007 opens Alesga Rural Hotel. It is a rural hotel that has received 3 stars because of its elegant facilities and quality of services offered. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of Asturias, the village of Alesga (in Teverga).

It has 7 bedrooms (one adapted for people with reduced mobility and handicapped), each with its own personality, rural decoration and at the same time modern. It offers outstanding services such as SPA jacuzzi. The beautiful setting of the hotel, a few meters from the river, is one of the most important attractions of the housing. In addition, Alesga Rural is located in the Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of Las Ubiņas -La Mesa and close to the Prehistoric Park (also in Alesga ), the museum that collects the most important representations of the world of Paleolithic art.

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Enjoy of nature


The Natural Park and Biosphere Reserve of Las Ubiñas -La Mesa is located in Asturias, in the central area of the Cantabrian Mountains. It is a land of mountains and valleys within the Asturian municipalities of Teverga, Quiros and Lena involving a total of 32,630 hectares. The mountain massif features Ubiña with over 2,400 meters ( Picos Fontan and Peña Ubiña with 2417 meters ) and different zones of around 2,000 meters high.

One of the best places to enjoy nature associated with leisure is Path of the Bear that finishes at Teverga. The track itself stars in the campaign to promote tourism in Asturias and can be seen in the following video:

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Enjoy the cultural heritage

Parque de la Prehistoria

For the first time, you can contemplate the cultural universe of the Upper Paleolithic humans, reproducing a representative sample of European cave art to display and disseminate the cultural heritage of great value.

You can see how they lived, where and what objects surrounded them. The park contains all the information about our ancestors with the excitement of enjoying it in an environment that recreates the original caves with perfect copies. Some of the recreated original caves are closed to the public so the only way to see them is to visit this museum

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To contact, call
(+34) 985 76 44 33
(+34) 660 22 57 50
or write an e-mail to:

San Salvador de Alesga 18
CP: 33111 - Teverga (Asturias)
GPS: N43° 08.084 ´
W006° 04.481 ´

Alesga Hotel Rural

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